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%Service% %City%Here at AC-Repair-Florida, we’re here to help you around the clock. We live and work in Miami – we know nothing beats the Florida heat and humidity like a solidly running air conditioning unit. We go from air conditioned homes to air conditioned cars and into businesses with air conditioning. Air conditioning in Florida is a necessity, not a luxury. But what happens when it stops working?  What happens if it breaks down at night or on a holiday?

Air conditioners don’t stop working at ‘ideal’ times – it’s always when it’s hotter than usual, when you have guests, when the baby is sick or on a major holiday. Here at AC-Repair-Florida, we have all the answers for in one location – one top shopping at its best! We have dispatchers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even on the busiest holidays. We can typically have a repair technician called out to your house within an hour, and sometimes we can even solve the problem over the phone.

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Not only do we provide emergency services, but we also offer estimates and work with you to come up with a long term design and plan. We guarantee our work and pride ourselves in having the best customer service around. With newer systems, factory warranties are available and our skilled take care of not only the service and installation, but all the paperwork too.

We’re not just a national company with operators from out of state.  We live and work in Florida – locally owned and operated, just like you.  We know when the air conditioning is out – it needs to be fixed pronto! Our licensed tech are friends and neighbors.  Not only do they provide prompt and courteous service, but they’ll explain what they did so not only do you know exactly what you are paying for – but next time you might be able to solve the problem without a service call.

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%City% %Service%We know your time is valuable. Air conditioning is our specialty, and we’re happy to help. We are here for you day and night – just give our dispatchers a call and we’ll have a tech on the phone or on the way to you within the hour. Don’t suffer through another Florida summer without a reliable air conditioning system. Call the trained professional here at AC-Repair-Florida for all your air conditioning sales and service needs.


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